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The Alabama Mineral and Lapidary Society is a non-profit organization
for people interested in geology, mineralogy, paleontology and lapidary arts.

Photo Gallery - Minerals Photo Gallery
Minerals Photo Gallery
Photographed by Henry Barwood  
Pinkish narsarsukite from 3M Big Rock Quarry, Pulaski County, Arkansas. This is from a quartz rich xenolith that contained aegirine, pectolite, feldspar and quartz. Likely a piece of sandstone from the Stanley Shale. This was the only narsarsukite found at 3M so far. Yellow narsarsukite is fairly common at the Jones Mill Quarry near Magnet Cove. Imaged with a Canon 40D, 30mm B&L objective and stacked with Combine Z software. FOV about 1.5 X 2mm

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