Alabama Mineral & Lapidary Society

                                        Cabbing Party


What to Expect at a Cabbing Party

On the months during the year when there is a fifth Sunday, the club will host a Cabbing Party.

What makes this a special event is that the equipment in the workshop is open for use by any current member with no fee.

This club gathering is enjoyed by the members whether they intend to use the equipment of not.

You can expect the workshop to be open around noon on that Sunday.

Typically this event includes a pot-luck snack table. Those attended may bring drinks, chips and dip, finger food, cake or cookies and the like; to share with others. Paper products are kept at the workshop.

At present, there is not a large turnout, maybe 10 or so members will come. Hopefully this will pick up as information about the event is shared on MO and in the Newsletter.

Members hosting the Cabbing Part are expected to post this event in MO as a reminder, along with any extra information as to time and special interests that may be included at the party.  Anyone knowing they plan to attend should post a RSVP reply. Some may even reply they will bring a particular snack to share. As you can imagine, this helps everyone to know what to plan for.

Sometimes a member will bring a slab to share with others.

Club members can bring guests to show them the shop and get a taste of what goes on.