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This all new 3 page Application will supersede all previous applications.

It includes an information sheet for you to keep, a questionnaire so we can offer you special perks relating to your interests, and a club application.

Existing members renewing or reinstating their membership are asked to fill out this new application and the questionnaire so every member's information will be up to date and to be included in the special perks provided by the information on the questionnaire.

Click the link to download the 3 pages and print. Please read the information page and fill out the questionnaire and application entirely .
Mail the questionnaire and application along with your check. Your information will be processed and you will receive a welcome email with your receipt for payment and and membership card within a couple of days upon receipt. Membership Application

Thank you for your cooperation, it will be worth the little extra effort.


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Join us at the next meeting and be welcomed in


Members of the Alabama Mineral & Lapidary Society meet the 2nd Friday of each month at the Cahaba Heights United Methodist church in Cahaba Heights. We do not hold a meeting the month of our annual gem show.

Members start gathering at around 6:00pm. The meeting will begin around 6:30 and lasts around two hours, but it will vary depending on the amount of business is conducted and the length of the program. Of course if you can't stay until the end, we understand and don't take offence.

Visitors are always welcome as we encourage members to invite visitors.

  What to expect at a typical monthly meeting:

Members gather in the fellowship room of the church for a potluck supper and meeting.

The doors are usually open prior to the start time giving plenty of time for those bringing a meal offering to settle in.

There will be a signup sheet as well as a field trip signup if one is being offered. Fill out a name tag so we can say hi to each other in person. Other club information may be here as well so be sure you don't for get to check in.
Please feel free to meet and greet, stake you out a place to sit at a table and fix you something to eat as the meeting time proceeds. Don't be shy about pulling up a chair wherever you can.

Meetings will usually begin at about 7:00 PM,  giving most a chance to get something to eat and have a seat, but don't worry if you're a little behind -- just try to pay attention to the announcements and not make a ruckus as you get settled in.

After the club president calls the meeting to order and has prayer, we hold a short business meeting where the minutes of the last meeting are approved, and other business is concluded. Members are invited to present any new business.  We like to recognize any visitors at this time as well as any new members since the last meeting.

Each meeting hosts a lapidary or geological speaker or member presentation. These presentations are very interesting and hopefully hit the topic of your interest. It is surprising how often one of these presentations stirs a new interest. Once a year, in lieu of the monthly presentation, we hold a fundraising auction of minerals and rocks contributed by members. Be sure to watch the newsletter for this important event.

On occasion we hold a drawing for door prizes: great mineral specimens or rockhounding equipment and gifts. Members participate by bringing a door prize.

As you can see, the meeting is a part of the club life you will absolutely not want to miss out. So come on!

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