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Pup Scouts

URGENT NOTICE! If our club would like to continue the Pup Scouts program, we will need a member with the heart and desire to work with youth to lead this valuable program. These are the future rockhounds that will take our club into the future.

The Pup Scout program is designed to encourage our youth to get outside and play in the dirt!!

The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies has laid a wonderful badge program much like the Boy and Girl Scouts of America. We have taken this concept and developed our own brand of Scouts!

All children ages 3 and up are welcome to join the Pup Scouts as long as their parent or guardian is a Alabama Mineral and Lapidary Society member in good standing. There is no extra fee beyond your annual membership to join the Pup Scouts, simply register your child.

During their journey they will learn earth sciences, fossils, rocks, gems, lapidary, jewelry making and much more. Along the way they will earn 20 merit badges and graduate from Jr Rockhound to Rockhound. Plus badges for extra curricular activities such as helping at our festivals, workshops, etc.

Scouts meet at our regular Lapidary Club monthly meeting, the second Friday of each month. Scouts usually meet a few minutes prior to the regular meeting.

PUP SCOUT LEADERS (PSL) are needed. Please consider becoming a leader for the troop. You do not have to be a rockhound to become a PSL, just have a genuine desire to help encourage the Pup Scouts along their journey in Rockhounding.

Troop #001 being sworn in

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Future Round Hounds of America (FRA) programs designed for clubs to use in working with youth.




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