Alabama Mineral & Lapidary Society

                               As a Legacy Member of this Rock Club



Hello fellow AMLS club member,

If you are reading this it is likely you have been a club member for some time.
You know how the club works; you have been here through ups and downs.

Members of your status are called Legacy Members. This is because your participation in the club over the years has brought the club to where it is today. The level of time, energy and expense you have contributed to the operation of your lapidary club has left a legacy for newer members to maintain.

Likely you have volunteered as an officer, chairperson or committee member. I am sure you have volunteered and helped during the annual gem shows, rock swaps, Christmas parties and the like. You may have taught training classes, assisted in the workshop or help lead a field trip. And then, there are the monthly meetings you have attended, brought your share of food to the pot luck, given numerous door prizes and participated in a program or ten.

Thank you! You are a seasoned club member, a Legacy Member. For all your service to the club, you may have suffered a few bangs and bruises along the way. You volunteered to help and got left to do all the work. You have had conflict with other members. You have been ignored, un-appreciated, gone away hurt and no one seemed to notice or care.

If any of this rings true for you and yet you are here reading this, you are the foundation of this club. Your experiences can help the club move forward and evolve to meet the needs of our newer members. They have joined a rock club to learn skills, dig for minerals, make stuff out of what they find and socialize with likeminded rockhounds. You can make a difference and help prevent the new members from suffering the perils of volunteering. You staying involved, and participating, even a little will strengthen your club.

To keep our club alive and functioning we have to communicate and encourage the members that joined and now need to know what to do. That is why you are greatly needed in the "Alabama Mineral & Lapidary Society Members-Only" Facebook group (MO). If you have not already joined, please click the link and join now.

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